Participation in Sunset beach volleyball is for teams, made up of athletes of all levels and divided into categories: 2×2 Men 2×2 Women 3×3 Men 3×3 Women 4×4 Mixed. For the categories 3×3 M/F it is allowed to use a reserve and for the 4×4 Mixed it is allowed the use of two possible reserves per team. The athletes who are members of a team cannot be part of other teams in the same category of game.


Game formula 2×2 M/F
(Board GOLD&SILVER) Max 128 teams per gender

The matches of the game formula 2×2 M / F are held on Friday and Saturday. The first day of competition (Friday) includes a qualifying phase through 4-team groups in the morning, with games that are played in a single set to the best of 21 points (no-limit point). At the end of the qualifying phase, it is drawn up a ranking for each group.

The tournament takes place in two phases:

Qualifying phase:
All 128 couples line up in a single win-loser
scoreboard. The 64 couples that get two
victories in the four rounds available (two
winners and two losers) enter the gold
board, the others to the silver board.
Elimination phase:
Gold and silver 64-couples boards with
classic win-lose formula.
The first three couples of each board are

Game formula 3×3 M/F and 4×4 Mixed
Max 80 teams per gender

The 3×3 M/F and 4×4 Mixed matches are
held on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, in
the morning, the games 3×3 M/F will be
played, while the games 4×4 Mixed will be
played on Saturday afternoon. The first day
of games (on Saturday) includes a phase of
qualifying by groups with teams (no limit to
registered teams). At the end of qualifying
phase, for each category, a provisional
ranking of points quotient for each tema is
drawn (in case of same quotient points,
best positions are given to the teams that
formalized their registration first).

The final phase (on Sunday) is based on
the aforementioned ranking with knockout
matches to the final. All matches are played
in a single set at the best 21 points (points
without limits); the final matches (1st-2nd
and 3rd-4th place) are played with two sets
out of three formula at the best 21 points
(third set at 15)



The refereeings will be carried out in
rotation by the same athletes of the teams
according to a detailed program delivered
at check-in.

All matches must be inspired by the
principle of “fair play”, athletes must accept
refereeing decisions and maintain
respectful behavior towards all participants;
otherwise, to the unquestionable judgment
of the organizers, exclusion from the
tournament can take place without any
obligation to refund.

Weather conditions

The Organizers, in their unquestionable
judgment, will be able to make changes to
the games schedule in case of adverse
weather conditions (or other external
events) causing significant delays in the
planning of the matches, providing in the
most serious cases the definitive
suspension of the event without this
entailing the obligation to reimburse the
participation and/or accomodations quotas.
If adverse weather conditions (or other
external events) will cause the suspension
of matches during the qualifying phase, the
following will take place: if all teams have
played at least two matches, the provisional
ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the
points quotient acquired up at that moment
by each team;

In case not all teams have played at least
two matches, the provisional ranking will be
drawn up according to the registration
dates, assigning, in order, the best
positions to the teams that have formalized
their registration first.

A.S.D. Sunset is an RC policy holder
that covers the risks of damages caused
to third parties as participants in the
events organized by a.s.d. Beach Volley
Maremma and it is responsible for it.
Any other injury resulting from
randomness or the practice of the sport
remains completely excluded and
therefore participants are advised to use
their own insurance coverage as for any
other tournament.

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